Sharon Nicola

Perspective: Thoughts On Flag Day

Jun 14, 2020
Osman Rana / Unsplash

When my two sons were little boys, we lived in a very diverse Southern California community, where the local gas station displayed what was considered the largest American flag in the world.

My younger son Jordan was in preschool at the time and very proud of himself for knowing how to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Still learning the words, of course, he already knew the flag was a symbol of our country, that we needed to respect our country and our flag, that we took care of our things and the people around us because we are one nation, under God.

Perspective: Balcony Running

May 20, 2020
Bill Nino / Unsplash

We might not be able to do our regular binge shopping, meet up with friends at the local pub, or continue classes at the gym. But we can still keep ourselves healthy and fit.

Elisha Nochomovitz, age 32, living in a French suburb, showed us how.

On his balcony in Balma, he ran a 42.2 km. marathon at a slow and steady 6 hours, 48 minutes. Though nauseous and worried about the steady foot pounding his neighbors might object, he ran to make a point -- several, in fact.

Sharon Nicola

May 19, 2020

After a nearly 40-year career in school and public libraries, Sharon retired from Southern California to northern Illinois.  Many in the Midwest have asked, “Why?” 

She now lives happily with her rescue dog from Tails in a friendly Sycamore neighborhood and finds small-town life just wonderful! 

Perspective: Alone And In It Together

Apr 8, 2020
Unsplash and Pixlr

Have you noticed how people passing no longer ask, “How are you?” Instead they gaze at the ground and measure off 6 feet to assure compliance with corona-lockdown.

We don’t comment about the weather: If it’s overcast, it deepens our dark mood. If it’s sunny, we regret that we can’t safely recreate outdoors.

The ubiquitous TV used to allay boredom is now boring, and reality TV shows are nowhere CLOSE to our current reality.

We’re all in this together…and alone.