Sen. Don Harmon

Illinois lawmakers are back in Springfield Monday for the start of what’s expected to be a relatively quiet veto session.

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Across the country, states desperate to prevent opioid addiction are considering medical cannabis as a solution.

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The opioid epidemic continues to sweep across Illinois and the rest of the nation. The Trump administration recently declared it a public health emergency. But some believe medical marijuana could be the solution.

Medicinal cannabis is legal in Illinois, but it’s only available to those who suffer from specific ailments like Muscular Dystrophy, seizures, cancer and more.

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A group of rank-and-file Democratic state lawmakers unveiled the “Comeback Agenda.”  It's a response to Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's "Turnaround Agenda," which was proposed two years ago.  

Democratic State Sen. Don Harmon says the measure grew out of frustration with the fighting and lack of progress in Springfield.

“We wanted to be for something. We wanted to outline a vision of where Illinois could go,” he says.

Same-Day Voter Registration May Stay

Dec 1, 2014
League of Women Voters

Lawmakers will consider keeping same-day voter registration for Illinois' general election. 

A bill sponsored by State Sen. Don Harmon is scheduled to be presented today in a House committee. It would make permanent a measure passed last spring that allowed same-day voting registration and extended early voting.

The original legislation made the changes effective only for the general election.

Harmon says same-day registration was a successful experiment that's worth continuing. Republicans argued the provisions were intended solely to boost Democratic turnout.