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In Illinois, the debate over gun control was waged in county-wide elections.


Voters in more than a dozen counties recently approved measures urging the state not to pass further gun control measures. And in several counties, the proposals added immigration to the mix.

A federal judge ruled Friday that the U.S. Justice Department does not have the authority to withhold grants from the city of Chicago because of its policies that provide sanctuary to immigrants.

The city sued Attorney General Jeff Sessions last August after the Justice Department ordered Chicago and other sanctuary cities to give 48-hours' notice before releasing from custody immigrants who entered the country illegally. The Justice Department also sought access to jails by federal agents and the sharing of citizenship information.

"Sanctuary City" by Flickr User Daniel Lobo / (CC x 2.0)

The federal government cannot withhold public safety grants from cities that refuse to cooperate with President Donald Trump's immigration enforcement policies, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

The three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago agreed with the decision last year of a lower court judge who imposed a temporary injunction on the administration. The decision says the administration exceeded its authority in establishing a new condition for cities to qualify for the grants.

Urbana Reaffirms 'Sanctuary City' Status

Dec 20, 2016
Urbana, IL LinkedIn page.

The Urbana City Council approved a resolution reaffirming its ‘sanctuary city’ status.  It comes after two weeks of intense discussion.  


Alderman Bill Brown added legal language to the measure, specifying that no federal law requires local police to routinely ask an individual’s immigration status.  It also says local policies must not target communities based on their "perceived" immigration status.


The University of Illinois President recently declined to make any of the school’s three campuses so-called “sanctuary campuses” for undocumented students.

Tim Killeen cited the need to uphold state and federal laws. Elizabeth Redden, a reporter for Inside Higher Ed, has been covering the sanctuary campus issue for that publication. She says the term "sanctuary campus" can be seen as politically charged because it doesn’t yet have a legal definition. 

Jeff Bossert/Illinois Public Media

University of Illinois President Tim Killeen says the school’s three campuses can’t serve as sanctuaries for undocumented students. 

He cited the need to uphold state and federal laws, but said leaders will do all they can within the law to protect students, including the undocumented.