Ross Powell

Perspective: Please Don't Forget

Oct 21, 2020
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At the height of the pandemic and critical race relations, I make a plea: Don't forget the other existential crisis, climate change.

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After 45 years of research into environmental and climatic changes, I’m now more disturbed about our current situation and future than ever. The time for preventing global warming has gone -- we’ve waffled and procrastinated for so long, that now we’re left to mitigate, adapt and suffer. 


Ross Powell

Sep 10, 2019

Ross Powell has been a professor of geosciences at Northern Illinois University since 1980. He earned a BSc and MSc from Victoria University in New Zealand and a PhD from Ohio State University.

He and his students have conducted scientific research on every continent. His primary research focus has been in the northern and southern polar and high latitudes, where the effects of climate change are being amplified. He also has been on numerous national and international scientific advising and planning committees.

NIU Today

A fish found under a half-mile thick ice sheet in Antarctica could imply so much for Northern Illinois University scientists...including extraterrestrial life.

NIU Today

A group of Northern Illinois University researchers are bound for Antarctica to study the effect of climate change on rising seawaters.

The trip was halted earlier this year due to the partial government shutdown.

It's a green light now.

NIU geologist Ross Powell is in a holding pattern. Powell and NIU geology professor Reed Scherer were scheduled to leave for Antarctica in December. Powell is leading the second field season of a study of the continent's ice shelf. Those plans are on hold as the federal government shutdown continues. The project is supported by the National Science Foundation. 

The number of project members had already been scaled back earlier this year due to the federal sequester.