Rockford Area Realtors

Connie Kuntz

People are still buying houses during the pandemic. But what happens when the demand is greater than the supply? You get a seller’s market. This June marked the biggest year-over-year housing inventory drop in Rockford’s history.  

Conor Brown is the CEO of Rockford Area Realtors. He said there were a number of factors contributing to this housing shortage. COVID-19 was one of them.

Connie Kuntz

Housing sales are up in the Rockford area for the fifth straight year, as is the average selling price. Conor Brown is the CEO for Rockford Area Realtors. He said, "The average sales price record that we've kept is $149,000."

He said the sales and price increases are cause for celebration, but he also expressed concern for the lack of housing stock for first-time home buyers.