Northern Illinois University

Most major sports leagues are still postponed because of the pandemic. And the NCAA is still in the midst of approving plans to get college sports back in action for the fall.

But the prospect of campus capacity limits, playing without fans, and players testing positive for COVID-19, leaves much of the college sports world still up in the air.

Esports, on the other hand, have proved much more adept at migrating online. Nearly a million fans streamed the remotely-played League of Legends spring finals.

NIU To Host Reality Bytes Film Festival

Apr 1, 2016

Northern Illinois University will hold its 15th annual Reality Bytes Film Festival April 5th through 7th

The event will feature a variety of submissions, ranging from short narratives and animations to full blown mini-documentaries.  While the event began with just NIU students, Director and NIU Media Professor Laura Vazquez says it’s expanded to include films from around the country, and even Russia and Australia.  She says the foreign films are particularly useful when it comes to cultural education.  

Friday was the first court appearance for six of the Northern Illinois University employees accused of theft in a case known as “the coffee fund.”