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On a new Teachers’ Lounge episode we have Deb Baird. She has ran her own at-home daycare business since 1984.

She talked to host Peter Medlin about her 36 years raising hundreds of kids in her own home. They went into how much it’s changed as she’s gotten older, her focus on nature -- especially monarch butterflies -- and so much more.

Connie Kuntz

Severson Dells Nature Center has provided nature education to people of all ages in northern Illinois for nearly 45 years. 

Ann Wasser is the director at Severson Dells. She said the hands-on nature of their education programs helps people learn the process of science.

"They understand what it means to have a hypothesis and test the hypothesis," she said. "It means you have a science-literate public. They understand their role in the environment. They understand the ecosystem services that our natural areas provide and why that's important."