Online Relief Aid Concert Helps To Provide Food

Apr 27, 2020

A northern Illinois organization held an online benefit concert to raise funds for those who lost their jobs due to the state’s stay-at-home mandate. The concert took place Saturday evening. 

Brandon Lyon is an organizer for Relief Coalition. The Relief Coalition is partnering with Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry in Aurora to provide food for those in need. Lyon said the food pantry is receiving help.


For our Season One finale, we celebrate the unveiling of a new Abraham Lincoln statue in Naperville, Illinois. It is the world's only statue depicting young Lincoln laughing.* And it wouldn't be a proper Lincoln statue unveiling without a proper Lincoln presenter: stage actor and 25-year Lincoln veteran Michael Krebs.

Spencer Tritt

Naperville unveiled a statue in Central Park recently to commemorate multiple milestones: the 200th anniversary of Illinois, the 50th public art installation of the city’s Century Walk group, and the world’s first statue to depict a young Abraham Lincoln laughing.

According to Mary Lou Wehrli, “Laughing Lincoln” began as the vision of her father, Don Wehrli, a colorful local salesman, community organizer and city councilman who got his start selling jams and jellies at Disneyland.

Katie Finlon / WNIJ

About 4,000 people in the WNIJ listening area got a chance to pose with the Chicago Cubs World Series trophy last weekend. It made its way to Naperville on Saturday, along with Freeport and Rockford on Sunday.

Mike Peck is business operations director for the Rockford Ice Hogs. He says people started lining up at around 8 a.m. to be one of the guaranteed 1,500 ticket holders to pose with the trophy.

Gov. Rauner Attends Naperville Labor Day Parade

Sep 6, 2016
Brian Mackey/NPR Illinois

  Governor Bruce Rauner joined a Labor Day parade in Naperville.

He's not seen as a friend of organized labor.  But Rauner got cheers at this heavily Republican parade—marching amidst the high school bands and dance teams.  

"Enjoy Labor Day! Happy parade!" Rauner said.  

Jim Caffray, a home remodeler from Oswego, says he likes that the governor is fighting the Democratic machine, and appreciated the fact there weren't any unions in the parade.  

Minnesota-Based Charity To Assist Naperville 'Heroes'

Aug 24, 2016

  A new real estate discount program will assist Naperville police, firefighters, military personnel, healthcare workers, and teachers.

Minnesota-based “Homes for Heroes” is working with Naperville's First Centennial Mortgage and Aurora's Inspire Reality Partners to make it easier for these professionals to buy, sell, or refinance a home.

The Daily Herald reports this includes paying for property appraisals, as well as offering discounts on brokerage fees.


A Greyhound bus stop at Northern Illinois University's student center went into effect last week. The bus line goes from the Quad Cities to Chicago and stops in Moline, Dixon and Rochelle. 

NIU officials expressed interest in adding a Naperville stop, which was approved by the Naperville City Council last week. The stop was officially added on Monday.

Linda LaCloche, the communications manager for the city, says Naperville has a large commuter population. 

Northern Illinois University

The search for the next president of Northern Illinois University moves forward today… behind closed doors at its Naperville campus. The school’s Board of Trustees will meet with four finalists, whose identities have not been disclosed.