Marilyn Hite Ross

Jenna Dooley

Longtime political observers are concerned about a lack of transparency and infighting among Winnebago County leaders.

This week, Winnebago County Board Chairman Frank Haney and a group of voters sued county board members in federal court. They argue the board systematically stripped Haney of executive powers since he took office in 2016. It's the latest in a string of complaints lodged within county leadership.

"We've completely distracted, distorted and perverted the way we do business. You know, nobody really feels good," said Haney.

Northern Illinois Police Officers Cleared In Shootings

Jul 3, 2019


Two Rockford police officers have been cleared of wrongdoing in deadly force cases.

Winnebago County State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross announced at a Tuesday news conference that Rockford City Officer Matthew Krantz was justified in the use of deadly force during a December, 2018 incident resulting in the death of Kerry Blake, Jr.

Hite Ross also said Rockford City Officer Tim Stec was justified in the use of deadly force in a February incident resulting in the death of Randy Allan Pierson.

Sarah Jesmer

Marilyn Hite Ross will be Winnebago County's new State's Attorney. She currently is serving as the Chief of the Criminal Bureau. She was confirmed by the Winnebago County Board on Tuesday night with a vote of 17 to 3.

Hite Ross says she wants to champion issues related to domestic violence survivor support and a more transparent police force.

She also says she would love to see more long term mental health facilities. She said some in the criminal justice system should really be in mental health facilities.