Severe staffing cutbacks are overwhelming the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's enforcement efforts. 

Guy Stephens

There are signs of activity in a decades-long effort to clean up an Illinois Superfund site. But it’s still unclear when full remediation will occur.  

The Illinois EPA is offering residents the chance to dump some of their hazardous household waste.  

It plans several collection days across the state on Saturdays during May and June, including a May 13 collection in Ottawa. 

The sites will accept products such as antifreeze, weed killer, paint thinner, and outdated medicine. However, some waste is off limits, including smoke detectors, business waste, and explosives. 

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Governor Bruce Rauner has appointed Alec Messina as the new head of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. 

He replaces Lisa Bonnett, a carryover from the Pat Quinn administration who announced her resignation from the state agency Friday. 

Messina previously served as the Executive Director of the Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group.  That’s a trade association whose members include Ameren, Archer Daniels Midland Company, and ExxonMobil.  Messina also served as the IEPA's chief legal counsel from 2005 to 2010.   

DeKalb County Suspends Recycling Of Older TVs

Jul 23, 2015
Susan Stephens

DeKalb County residents will need to keep their Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions a little longer. That’s because the vendor who collects them can’t take them anymore.

The problem they’re facing is that they have taken the maximum amount of televisions and will suspend the collection until they can catch up.

Michelle Gibson is a specialist with DeKalb County Solid Waste. She says the problem is not in the recycling.  It is in the disposal of some of the components.

Illinois EPA

In 1989, Illinois established the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program. Officials say the ongoing groundwater contamination probe in the town of Wedron highlights the importance of the program.

Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Cleanup crews are working to collect contamination caused by a broken elevator at Northern Public Radio’s studios in DeKalb. Anyone familiar with WNIJ and WNIU’s studios on First Street may have noticed an increasing number of containment barrels, tanks, and other equipment in the parking lot.

IEPA Reports Violations In Cortland Leak

Jan 24, 2014

Illinois regulators have issued a report on this month’s landfill leak that sickened dozens of students and teachers at a DeKalb County school.

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August 27, the Aurora City Council approved a contract to build a series of rain gardens on the city’s east side. The city is trying to meet federal and state clean water requirements, and believes rain gardens offer a good alternative to traditional methods of water management. As it turns out, that’s not all they do.