Victims of domestic violence are told to seek help.  But what happens when a child is violent toward parents?  A central Illinois couple says there's not enough support available.  We'll have a report.

We also hear about special education students being shipped out of state.  There are questions about the schools where they are kept at taxpayer expense.

And we hear how some people handle a holiday tradition: the political argument among family members. 

That and more on this week's Statewide.

Keeping Pets Safe During The Holidays

Dec 24, 2018
Claire Buchanan

Holiday celebrations can mean health and safety risks for pets. But there are a few things you can do to keep the festivities merry and avoid an unexpected vet visit.

Susan Cechner is a veterinarian at Elburn Animal Hospital in northern Illinois. She says the most common injuries she sees during the holidays happen when pets eat things they shouldn’t.

Illinois EPA Has Tips For Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Dec 21, 2018

You might be dreaming of a white Christmas, but what about a green Christmas?

If you're trying to be more environmentally friendly this holiday season, choose your wrapping paper carefully. Most wrapping paper is recyclable, with a couple of exceptions.

According to the Illinois EPA's online recycling tool, shiny and glittery wrapping paper is not recyclable.

"Poinsettia" by Flickr User fine_plan / (CC BY 2.0)

Poinsettias are sold by the millions every year, almost all of them between Thanksgiving and Christmas. As popular as these holiday flowers are, there still may be a few things about them that could surprise you. Here are five fun facts about poinsettias we wanted to share.

1. Poinsettias are named after that dog, the pointer