This Year's Weather Could Boost Success Of Cover Crops

Aug 6, 2018

If you have been debating on the idea of cover crops, this might be the year to give them a try.

Cover crops are planted after a harvest to enrich and protect the soil. Types of cover crops include cereal rye, wheat and ryegrass. Phillip Alberti is a Crop Science Educator with the University of Illinois Extension. He says cover crops are a great way to improve the overall health of farm fields.

Guy Stephens/WNIJ

Gov. Bruce Rauner has declared a “harvest emergency” across Illinois.

The designation means trucks carrying grain can exceed weight limits by 10 percent. Jeff Kirwan, with the Illinois Farm Bureau, says weather challenges have made for a unique harvest season.

“We have had good yields, but that also has brought about a lot of moving grain around," he said. "We have elevators that are struggling to get grain moved from their facility to a terminal, and this will allow them to be more efficient."

Rain Put A Damper On Northern Illinois Harvest

Oct 16, 2017
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Farmers are busy bringing in their crops, but this weekend’s heavy rains put a damper on their progress.

Mariam Wassmann, Director of Information for the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, says farmers were making good headway.

“I’d say about half of the soybeans have been harvested to this point,” she said. “Corn, as far as we look at our field corn, we’re getting a real good start. We might have about 10 percent harvested.”

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After numerous delays caused by wet weather, almost all of the corn and much of the soybean crop has been planted in northern Illinois. Predictions are that the 2017 corn and soybean harvests in the region won’t match recent record-breaking yields but could still be good. Right now, though, progress is uneven.