Greg Zanis

Guy Stephens

Greg Zanis, who became known as “The Cross Man” for his memorials to the victims of mass shootings, died of cancer Monday morning. He was 69.

On social media, Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin called Zanis a giant among men. Irvin said Zanis’ legacy will forever be remembered in Aurora and around the globe.

Over 23 years, Zanis built and personally delivered more than 27,000 crosses to the sites of mass shootings across the country, including Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, The Pulse nightclub in Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Aurora Honors Greg Zanis During Living Visitation

May 1, 2020
Guy Stephens

People in Aurora paid tribute Friday to a native son whose life is slipping away. For more than two decades Greg Zanis built crosses to commemorate the victims of mass shootings.