The Freeport Masonic Temple is looking to renovate its nearly century-old building but it needs assistance.

Bill Leser is the chairperson of the fundraising committee for the temple. He said last year’s winter was not kind to the building, specifically, the top.

“We've actually got five roofs here. The worst one is the auditorium, which has to be fixed now," he explained. "So that's scheduled to be repaired by Labor Day.”

The coronavirus crisis has changed the way we congregate but it hasn’t changed the way we come together. The DeKalb community is supporting nonprofits that provide much needed services to the community.

The Give DeKalb County campaign, a 24-hour fundraiser, takes place May 7.

Ben Bingle is the director of the DeKalb County nonprofit partnership. He said they’ve had to cancel their walk-in donation option due to COVID-19. This option was replaced with a mail-in one.

Online Relief Aid Concert Helps To Provide Food

Apr 27, 2020

A northern Illinois organization held an online benefit concert to raise funds for those who lost their jobs due to the state’s stay-at-home mandate. The concert took place Saturday evening. 

Brandon Lyon is an organizer for Relief Coalition. The Relief Coalition is partnering with Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry in Aurora to provide food for those in need. Lyon said the food pantry is receiving help.