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Midway Village Museum

Some Illinois counties have lower pandemic death tolls than others. Part of the differences come from demographics. And just like on the national scene, Illinois results depend a lot on prevention efforts.

Winnebago County and Champaign County both have a mix of urban and rural populations. Winnebago County has nearly a third more COVID-19 cases than Champaign County, and six times the number of deaths.

Wearing A Face Mask When It's Not Required

May 7, 2020

All Illinoisans are required to wear a mask when they are doing things like grocery shopping, using public transportation or any other activity where they can’t maintain a distance of six feet. This order went into effect May 1. But what about other things like walking or running outside?  

Help Make Face Masks

Apr 10, 2020
Facebook/Sewing Masks for the Greater Rockford Area

There is an essential need for personal protection equipment (PPE) in the fight against COVID-19. But some people don’t have access to one piece of protective gear -- a mask. A few Rockford organizations are coming together to make sure cloth masks are available for some.  

Governor J.B. Pritzker focused Sunday on changes to make sure those who need child care can get it.