Deborah Booth

Give Talent Time To Practice

Jul 23, 2015

During my years as director of the NIU Community School of the Arts, parents would sometimes tell me their child was quitting music lessons. The reason?  Lack of talent.

Because everyone knows talent when they hear it, right? I say, not so fast! 

I heard hundreds of solo performances by students who were learning the building blocks of music, mastering the motions that a musician needs to practice over and over to get the dynamics, rhythm, and intonation right -- all the nuances that make the sounds become music.

Out Of The Past, A New Understanding

Jul 1, 2015

Shut up mom!! These words were found in our basement, written on the wall about four feet from the ground, right next to the electrical junction box. 

Deborah Booth

Jul 1, 2015

Deborah Booth retired in Fall 2014 from NIU, where she was the director of External Programs for the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

In that role, she ran the NIU Community School of the Arts and organized summer residential arts camps. Earlier jobs included newspaper reporter and public television producer.

She has a bachelor's degree from Franklin and Marshall College and a master's degree in English/film from NIU.

She enjoys films, gardening, music, and reading and currently is working her way through biographies of all the U.S. presidents.