Chuck Sweeny

Photo grabbed from the "nest cam" outside the Rockford News Tower; provided by Jennifer Kuroda

Sweeney (with an "e") was a peregrine falcon who was born on the ledge of the Rockford News Tower last June. Thanks to a nest camera, the public got to watch him hatch and fledge. The bird was named after longtime Rockford Register Star reporter and political columnist Chuck Sweeny (no "e") who died in May. Sweeney, the bird, died this month.  


Victor Yehling

Longtime Rockford Register Star columnist and political reporter Chuck Sweeny died Monday. He was 70. The Rockford native had worked at his hometown newspaper since 1984. The Register Star’s Opinion Editor Wally Haas worked side-by-side with Sweeny for those 35 years.

"He could be a bit curmudgeonly, but he loved Rockford," Haas said. "And that came through in his writing. He would poke public officials and try to get them to do the right thing and quite often he succeeded.”