Capitol News Illinois

Capitol News Illinois

Illinois plans to continue withholding federal payroll taxes on behalf of its 62,000 employees despite a program President Trump launched in August that allows workers to defer paying those taxes through the end of the year.

“I'm not supporting a deferral that would double workers taxes after January and put Social Security further at risk. I mean, that's essentially what this would do,” Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza said during an interview Thursday.

Former State Sen. Link Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion

Sep 16, 2020

Former state Sen. Terry Link pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to a felony charge of tax evasion.

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The Democratic chairman and ranking Republican on a special legislative committee investigating House Speaker Michael Madigan both said Tuesday that they are awaiting further guidance from federal prosecutors about how far they can go in questioning witnesses and calling for documents.

State Senator Facing Federal Tax Evasion Charge Resigns

Sep 14, 2020
Lee Milner, Illinois Times

State Sen. Terry Link, who was charged last month in federal court with tax evasion, resigned his seat last week.

Link, a Democrat from Indian Creek, had been a key player in passing gaming legislation in Illinois, including a massive 2019 expansion bill that provided for sports wagering, added land-based casinos and a Chicago casino.

Link had served in the Senate representing the 30th District since 1997. He also served as chair of the Lake County Democratic Party, resigning from that post last month amid backlash from some within the party.