On this episode of Statewide, we hear how one Illinois town has fared since a major employer left.  Galesburg lost more than 1500 jobs in 2004 when a Maytag plant closed.  

We learn about a service broadcasting sports events specifically for the blind.

And the number of people leaving the state has local governments working to find ways to reverse the trend.  That and more on Statewide.

This week's lineup:

Perspective: Disappearing Act

Oct 21, 2019
Connie Kuntz / WNIJ

The hummingbirds left first. And it won’t be long before the loons leave too, taking with them their happy, haunting music.

All summer we enjoyed their company on a lake in Northern Wisconsin. And now, these feathered friends and hundreds of other species are leaving on their long journey across the country to as far away as the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. I wonder where they will find food and rest? How many miles will they cover in a day? Do they press on through the night guided by starlight?

But mostly, I wonder, how many will return?

Connie Kuntz

389 species of birds in the U.S. could be threatened if global temperatures rise.

That number comes from the National Audubon Society’s most recent report on climate change. It says a changing climate could greatly reduce the range of these birds, and some might not survive the habitat loss. Jennifer Kuroda is the president of Sinnissippi Audubon. She’s trying to raise awareness at a local level through a series of bird murals in Rockford.

Visitors Flock To Rockford Conservatory To Meet Lorikeets

Oct 15, 2018
Claire Buchanan

Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens in Rockford has opened the Wings of Wonder exhibit again. It features dozens of quirky and colorful little birds called lorys and lorikeets.

As soon as you walk into the greenhouse, you can hear them singing from inside their enclosure. When you enter the enclosure, a volunteer like Diane Donze will open the doors for you and tell you a little about the birds before you meet them.