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00000179-e1ff-d2b2-a3fb-ffffd9510001WNIJ is celebrating 30 years of broadcasting this year - we went on the air April 28, 1991 - and we're asking you to celebrate with us! We're compiling 30 reasons (or more!) to love WNIJ.So tell us about your favorite program, host, story, or driveway moment, and we'll add it to our list. Leave us a voicemail at 815-753-9300, or click here to submit a message from your computer or mobile device.

Reason #29: The Women of NPR


Nina Totenberg. Linda Wertheimer. Cokie Roberts. Susan Stamberg.

They're considered the "Mothers of NPR," and rightfully so. Fifty years ago, they helped get the fledgling network off the ground and showed women who were considering journalism careers that they belonged behind the mic, too.

WNIJ listener Denise Showers has an ear for good radio and a fondness for the talented women who have contributed for the past half century at NPR -- and 30 years at WNIJ.  

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