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It's A Matter Of Trust


I don't want the next few seconds to scare you. 
Especially if you are driving over a bridge right now.

Because ...  if you're like me, when you drive over a bridge — not all the time, but sometimes — there's this little voice that asks: "Are you sure it's safe?"
And it's a fair question, right? Because we know bridges do collapse. 
Odds are they won't. And the odds also are in your favor that the next airplane you board will not fall from the sky.
But, if you're like me, you can't help but worry a little bit.
I am probably thinking about this way too much.  It comes from years of being in the news business and seeing scary headlines.
For example, this recent headline in the Chicago Tribune:
Feds fine Honda record $70M (million)
Penalty levied for underreporting car deaths and injuries
Sadly, this is not a shocking story. We have all read similar stories over the years.
Believe me. I am not a pessimist. But I must admit I am losing trust in anything that has been designed and built by a human being. 
Now I know to err is human. People make mistakes. But it should be no surprise that those errors can sometimes be frightening. Which is also just being human.
Like I said. I'm not trying to scare you. What I am hoping is that you, your friends and co-workers — everyone who hears this — will pause for a moment. Pause and realize that whatever your job is, your mistakes matter. 
And there's a lot of people out there like me who trust you will do the right thing, the proper thing, the correct thing, and the best you can.
And, if you're like me, you're really glad you're not building airplanes.
I'm Lonny Cain, and that's my perspective