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Success! NPR fans "Power the Tower" -- all five of them.

Thanks for bringing Northern Public Radio's transmitter network into the 21st Century! We raised $500,000 from listeners all over northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin who believe everyone should have free, over-the-air access to quality journalism and commercial free music. Your donations have already been put to work with updated transmitters now on the air in DeKalb/Rockford, LaSalle and Sterling. Freeport, you’re next!

Public radio listeners: If you haven't tuned in to us on the radio in a while, try WNIJ on our main frequency (89.5FM), or our repeaters in LaSalle (91.3FM), Sterling (91.5FM) and Freeport (89.1FM). Classical music fans can continue to enjoy WNIU at 90.5FM and 105.7FM. And, of course you can always take our mobile apps and streams wherever you go!

The Northern Public Radio Transmission System

How you can help Power the Tower

Level 1: Generator
Your one-time gift of $5,000 helps to generate the power we need to keep our award-winning programming going.

Level 2: Conductor
Your one-time gift of $3,500 helps to direct our entertaining and informative programming to audiences throughout the region.

Level 3: Carrier
Your one-time gift of $2,500 helps to carry Northern Public Radio programming throughout the region.

Level 4: Transistor
Your one-time gift of $1,000 helps to amplify our impact.

Level 5: Exciter
Your one-time gift of $500 helps to create excitement about Northern Public Radio.

Level 6: Volt
Your one-time gift of $100 helps to increase our power to support the community.

Level 7: Spark
Your one-time gift of $50 helps to spark interest in local news, music and information.

Corporate Sponsor: Amplifier
The support of your organization helps to amplify our ability to enrich, inspire and inform adults in northern Illinois through in-depth news, information, and entertainment.

Why Power the Tower?

New technology requires less maintenance and allows for more efficient operating procedures.

The new technology uses less energy to operate, cool and maintain which in turn saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint.

Lower Cost
Reduced maintenance costs and more efficient cooling systems means the new transmitter will save on energy costs.

Reception Quality
We've often been forced to run at lower power due to parts shortages and other equipment issues, so reception quality should increase, particularly on the outer edges of our coverage.

The paint is fading on our 500-foot tall main broadcast tower, so we must repaint soon to meet FAA regulations.

What will Power the Tower accomplish?

Broadcast Tower Improvements
Improvements to all four towers will improve reliability, reception and flight safety.

Control and Production Studio Improvements

Power the Tower old Tx

WNIJ and WNIU studio equipment is original to the facility, built in 1996. Upgraded equipment will provide the increased reliability and functionality necessary for a modern broadcast facility.

Transmitter Upgrades
Upgrading and replacing analog transmitters for WNIJ – WNIU DeKalb/Rockford, WNIW LaSalle, WNIE Freeport, and WNIQ Sterling will bring a higher level of stability to our service and reduce engineering time spent troubleshooting persistent issues associated with now obsolete services and technologies.