Woodstock Is Home To The Most Apple Orchards In Illinois

Aug 18, 2017

Northern Illinois farms are gearing up for the apple and berry-picking season.

Credit "Apples" by Flickr User fotografeleen / (CC X 2.0)

Woodstock tops the state with six orchards; city council member Maureen Larson says there are many reasons why the groves are so concentrated there.

“It’s a long term investment [for farmers]," she said. "You don’t plan an apple tree and turn around and start making profit right away. These are people who are invested in our county and our community."

The groves bear more than 20 different apple types. Larson says that's more than what's available at local grocery stores. 

“You won’t really know what’s possible until you’re out in the orchard maybe trying them and seeing which ones you like before you make the decision to pick a whole bushel of a certain type or a mixture," she said. 

Larson says orchard hours are available on the town's website.