Wisconsin Tribes Consider Legalizing Marijuana

Sep 24, 2015

The Ho-Chunk Nation is a step closer to legalizing marijuana use on its tribal lands in Wisconsin. 

No, marijuana is not legal to grow, use, or sell on Ho-Chunk lands…yet. But the Nation’s general council voted at a meeting in Madison, Wisconsin to reverse a ban on marijuana on tribal lands. 63% of the 1600 voting members wanted to overturn the anti-marijuana policy. The vote’s not binding: but now the tribe’s attorneys are looking into the legal implications.

This isn’t the first Wisconsin tribe to look into the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. Earlier this year, the Menominee in the northeast part of the state voted in favor of legalizing pot as a source of income.

These discussions are happening because of last year’s U.S. justice department memo urging the federal government to work with tribes wishing to legalize…and regulate…cannabis.