Wisconsin Recount Almost Done, With Few Changes

Dec 9, 2016

The recount of Wisconsin's presidential election vote is nearly finished.

Credit Wikimedia

State election officials announced Friday that 89 percent of total ballots cast for president have been counted and 60 of the state's 72 counties had finished their work.

So far, Democrat Hillary Clinton has gained 49 votes on Republican Donald Trump, who defeated Clinton by more than 22,000 votes in the state.

The recount began Dec. 1. A federal judge on Friday refused to grant Trump supporters' request to halt the recount, saying it was nearly complete and likely won't change the results.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein requested the recount as part of a broader effort to recount votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states where Trump narrowly beat Clinton. Stein got about 1 percent or less in each of the three states.

Stein says she wants to determine whether election computers were hacked.