A Wintry Mix (Everybody's Gonna Shine At Some Point In Time) | Under Rocks Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

On our inaugural Under Rocks podcast: We celebrate the weirdness of winter in northern Illinois. Dan Libman and Susan Stephens hit the slopes (the sled slopes), pedal icy backroads, traipse through freshly-fallen snow with a trail groomer, and find out just what that brand new mountain in the middle of a DeKalb park is made of.

Grab your mittens and hop on!

Highlights of this episode: It's a wintry mix!

Your favorite local sledding spots.

The sledding hill at Russell Woods, on a not-so-great day.
Credit WNIJ

We visit two of your favorite sled hills in DeKalb County: Russell Woods and Hopkins Park.

The Rules of Sledding, high atop the hill at Hopkins Park, DeKalb.
Credit WNIJ

Elise Lewis and Maggie Plapp share some excellent parenting tips from the top of a hill.

The mysterious mountain at Hopkins Park: how did it get there and what's it made of? Mike Holland reveals the secrets.

A garbage can of broken dreams at the base of the Hopkins Park sledding hill.

Don't have a sled handy? Joe Mitchell has a pro-tip.

Grooming the trails with Steve Forss of the Rockford Park District and his makeshift snow smasher.

Enjoy camping but find it just too darn comfortable? Jim Kline has the winter "sport" for you.

Ride the Frostbite 40 with founder Stu Garwick, pro bicyclist Kae Takeshita, and, of course, our host Dan Libman. Stu utters an inspirational phrase and Dan may even win a prize...

Dan Libman riding in The Frostbite 40