Winnebago County Health Department Reports Low Positivity Rate

Feb 3, 2021

The Winnebago County Health Department says vaccination efforts against COVID-19 continue. Meanwhile, the area’s positivity rate for the coronavirus has shrunk.

The Department reported 69 new cases of COVID-19, but no new deaths. Furthermore, the area’s positivity rate is only 4.7%. At a press conference carried by WREX-TV, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara praised this milestone.

“I don’t have the exact date but it’s been months since we’ve been under five, and I believe this is now two, maybe three days we’ve been under five," McNamara said. "That’s a testament to the health care workers. It’s a testament to Dr. Martell and the Winnebago County Health Department. It’s a testament to our employers who are out there caring for their employees.” 

Public Health Administrator Sandra Martell says vaccine supplies are currently limited, but residents should still register.  

“Get vaccinated at the first available opportunity and keep your appointment. That vaccine dose has been reserved for you when that appointment is made," said Martell. "That means they have the vaccine available and it has got your name on it.”