Winnebago County Health Administrator Scolds Public On Social Distancing Efforts

Apr 2, 2020

Winnebago County’s health administrator says residents can do better.

Sandra Martell held a news conference Thursday to provide an update on prevention efforts in the county.

Credit Pixabay

She was joined by Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara. Martell shared the results of a “social distancing” scoreboard.

"I’m disappointed," Martell said. "Winnebago County only has a B-. When you think about that, and I’m going to borrow a phrase from the mayor, ‘B’s get degrees,' but here, 'B’s may get disease.'”

The scoring comes from the company Unacast. It uses smartphone data to determine how much state residents have changed their behavior to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Winnebago County is reporting 30 confirmed cases and 1 death.