Why Conventional Summer is So Awesome

Aug 8, 2018


I was talking the other day with one of my teachers, who told me that she wished school were year round. That way, she explained, students would remember more and the beginning to the year would go a lot smoother, without students having to relearn everything they forgot over the summer. 



















I just chuckled and shook my head. I’m still in high school, and I’m here to tell you why our conventional summer is so awesome, especially in comparison with year-round school. 


From an educational perspective, summer is great, giving us the chance to learn things on our own, like how to make a video game, or how to code, or even how to work hard when no one is telling you to. 


The sort of self-improvement that happens during summer is only possible because of the time we get. Without a 3-month summer, many of us would simply study over the summer and never get a chance to learn new things or to even relax and create powerful friendships. Several of my friends (the ones who probably need relaxation the most) study the entire way through winter break instead of hanging out with their families. 


That has always made me sad, but in a world where teenagers are judged by a GPA, it is unfortunately quite practical. 


Conventional summer gives us the chance to learn and grow without the constraints of school. For the adults out there, it also gives you a time to hang out with your children: to watch the stars instead of doing homework, to teach them a valuable life skill of yours instead of leaving all teaching to the schools, or even just to talk about the bigger picture without time constraints and pressure. 


So this summer, remember how awesome the conventional school year is. Go out and enjoy it! 


I’m Michael Andrzejewski, the Idealist, and that’s my first perspective!