Welcome, Students! Scenes From NIU Move-In Day

Aug 23, 2012

The annual ritual of Move-In Day took control of Northern Illinois University's campus today. An estimated 2,500 students will spend the evening unpacking and getting to know their new neighbors. It took 1,000 student volunteers, 100 staff and faculty members, and of course, hundreds of moms, dads, and friends to get their stuff from the curb to the dorm room. Eventually, 5,000 students will make their way into the residence halls.

Move-In Day has become a masterpiece of logistics on the campus, from the orange-vested traffic directors to the skilled golf cart maneuverers to the cold water-bearers. WNIJ's Susan Stephens hopped on her bike to snap a few pictures of the box ballet, as well as get a tour of NIU's newest residence hall. Surprisingly, traffic seemed light and manageable on a day you'd expect to be caught up in a tangle of U-Hauls and futons.