Voter Turnout for Illinois Primary

Mar 21, 2012


Illinois election officials say it appears voter turnout was weak for Tuesday's primary. 

The warm weather wasn't enough to entice voters to head to the polls and cast their ballot.  The state board of elections won't release the final statewide number until next month.  But, a spokeswoman says they've heard from all over Illinois that crowds were light.

DeKalb County Clerk, John Acardo, says in his jurisdiction, voter turnout was nearly 23-percent.  He says while the numbers were better than he expected, they are still discouraging.

" I think a lot of it boils down to what candidates say in their messages.  I think from our perspective, we do everything we possibly can to make it as easy as possible for people to vote.  We've increased the early voting locations.  We've extended the hours in which people can vote."

Other observers say another possible factor for low turnout was the lack of statewide races beyond the GOP primary for president.