Under Rocks | Death, Sorrow, The End Of Things: A Shroud Of Mystery in Oregon

Apr 23, 2021

Imagine walking in the woods and coming across six large men struggling to transport a coffin on their shoulders, heads bowed in concentration, arms taut under their burden. It might take you a moment to realize you’re looking at a sculpture: Six life-sized somber mourners and a casket.

Credit Jared Ortega

This is “The Funeral Procession,” or “The Seven Muses,” and sadly, it is not on public property. But don’t worry, the Under Rocks team isn’t shy about asking for permission: We scored a tour from Jan Stilson, a former librarian at Northern Illinois University's Lorado Taft campus and author of the book Art and Beauty in the Heartland: The Story of the Eagle's Nest Camp at Oregon, Illinois.

Thanks to Dan Libman, Spencer Tritt, Jan Stilson, and Melanie Costello for helping overturn this rock. Not literally.  Special kudos to Jared Ortega for the excellent photographs in this month's slide show: It's better than being there (because you would be trespassing. Don't trespass.)!

Jan Stilson and Dan Libman taking in all there is at the former Eagle's Nest Art Colony.
Credit Jared Ortega

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