Tuesday: Too Hot For School

Sep 10, 2013

Another day of sweltering temperatures means another short school day for many students in northern Illinois. The National Weather Service predicts record-high temperatures for this time of year will be reached Tuesday, with thermometers topping out in the low- to mid-90s.

The National Weather Service forecasts another day of school-stopping heat for Tuesday.
Credit NWS - Chicago / noaa.gov

That has some school districts that lack air-conditioning in at least some of their buildings sending kids home earlier than usual, before the hottest temperatures set in. Rockford Public Schools will close two hours early Tuesday: students will be bused to their usual destinations. School-based childcare programs will also be closed because of the early dismissal. After-school activities at the middle and high school level may also be affected, but that depends on staff decisions at each building.

Some DeKalb Public Schools will dismiss early for the second day in a row.  Parents are being asked to make arrangements for children who attend Malta, Lincoln, Littlejohn, Jefferson, and Founders: they’ll be sent home at 1:00.

The West Aurora School District is another releasing students early, thanks to the heat, humidity, and lack of air-conditioning. Times vary, and no lunches will be served.

Other schools throughout the region are cutting their school days short Tuesday and afterschool activities are affected. Parents have been notified through their school’s alert system in many districts. Check your school’s website if you have any doubts.