Sycamore High School Sets Thanksgiving Target For Surveys

Oct 11, 2017

Sycamore High School is aiming to distribute a student survey on possible staggered start times before Thanksgiving.

Principal Tim Carlson says a committee has discussed the proposed schedule change several times, but large-scale student surveys have not been completed. He says committee members are still gathering information about what specific start times could be part of the staggered schedule and evaluating the individual needs of students.

Carlson says some students who may go to work at 4 a.m. at a dairy farm might opt for a different start time than students who may be heavily involved in after-school activities.

“I think it depends on your child," he said, "and that’s kind of the goal is to be able to customize the day for people individually to meet their needs.”

Carlson says the staggered start times could result in kids being more alert, which could even reduce car accidents and help improve student mental health.

He says the committee is evaluating the individual needs of students as well as parents and especially teachers.

“So again, focusing on the student but also, again, we’d like to be able to assist our teachers if it makes their lives better,” he said.

Carlson says the input component is the most important part for school officials involved in the decision because the final decision will affect everyone in the school system.