Student Discipline And Social Media Policies Could Change In Rockford Schools

May 21, 2018

The Rockford Public Schools Board will vote on several changes to next year's Student Code of Conduct at Tuesday night's regular meeting.

One major change is that students wouldn’t be forced to surrender their social media passwords to school authorities in disciplinary cases. Instead, they may have to turn over specific content in the course of an investigation.

The new code also gives administrators greater leeway to incorporate mediation and behavioral counseling as part of a disciplinary response. This is also taken into account when dealing with students whose "disruptive behavior" is part of an underlying disability. Yet another revision is requiring a bullying report to be filed in the case of any such incidents.

The board will vote on these and more minor changes, like adding fidget spinners to a category of "dangerous objects," to the Code of Conduct at their meeting. It takes place Tuesday at 7:00 in the third floor board room at 501 N. 7th Street.