Stories Of Generosity

Oct 9, 2018

Over the past several months, we have been hosting listening sessions around the WNIJ listening area with the help of the DeKalb County Community Foundation. The prompt was simple. We asked each person to explain why they think generosity is important or share a time when someone was generous to them. Here's what they said:

Barbara Grulke: "A smile is a generosity"

Sally Stevens: "Generosity is more than financial"

Barry Schrader: "Help during recovery"

DiAnne Schmitt: "Volunteering during the war" 

Robert Dobberstein: "Secret gift" 

Kay Louis: "Sisterly love" 

Keetjie Ramo: "The opposite of generosity is dreadful to think about"

Anita Zurbrugg: "Parents set great example"

Annette Johns: "Grandma fed the poor"

Julie Ann O'Connell: "Buy one, get one to give"

Ryan Bromberek: "No community is in a vacuum"

Carol Hajic: "For those who have enough"

John Rey: "Kindness with adoption"

Sheryl Sites: "Help during cancer" 

Tom Tsao: "A simple rose"

Julie Eggleston: “Be generous with your time, too”

Lynette Spencer: “Children are generous”

Bill Cummings: “Carrying on the legacy”

Tarryn Thaden: “Generosity is a beautiful two-way street”

Danielle Hoske: “We can all be philanthropists”

Theresa Moris: "Everyone wants to be productive and do something"

Mike Botts: "You find what you search for"

Patti Webber: "If you complain, you must not know"

Alyce Kuras: "It's the little things"

Sallie Craig: "Gift of a kidney"

James Sheridan: "Be generous with feelings"