Statewide: Illinois' Budget Picture Better Than Expected

Feb 5, 2021

With the pandemic forcing certain businesses to close, the State of Illinois saw a drop in sales taxes, a key revenue generator.  But a new study from the University of Illinois' Institute of Government and Public Affairs shows other spending and federal aid helped make up some of the difference.  We'll get a status update on Illinois' budget.

And as COVID-19 has kept more kids learning remotely and away from their peers, there is evidence it's impacting their mental health.   

Those stories and more on this episode of Statewide.

This week:

* Peter Medlin of WNIJ reports on the challenges for homeless students in a pandemic. 

* Hannah Meisel talks with University of Illinois Springfield professor Ken Kriz about a new study on Illinois' finances.  Kriz found while state revenues have dropped during the pandemic, Illinois is doing better than some expected.

* WCBU's TIm Shelley tells us about the town of Havana, which is working to become more of a tourist destination.

* Jonathon Ahl with Harvest Public Media reports on why some say improving high speed internet access could help bridge the rural/urban divide.

* Amy Mayer explains previous agriculture messaging efforts and what might be coming in the future. 

* Brian Moline with Illinois Newsroom interviews Scott Althaus of the Cline Center for Advanced Social Research at the University of Illinois about coups and attempted coups. 

* Yvonne Boose details a new exhibit at Northern Illinois University to inspire more discussion on race.

* Susie An of WBEZ reports on growing mental concerns among teenagers and young students during the pandemic. 

* Peter Medlin talks with leaders of Christian schools about how they've handled pandemic education. 

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