Statewide: A Closer Look At Teacher Pension Concerns; Illinois Doubles Down On Abortion Rights

Jun 15, 2019
Originally published on June 14, 2019 10:54 am

Our Education Reporter Dusty Rhodes examines what's wrong with the teacher pension system in Illinois and why it needs to be fixed soon.  

Also, gambling addicts are warning the state's gambling expansion will result in more compulsive bettors. And, the governor signs the most comprehensive abortion rights law in the country. That and more on this episode of Statewide.

This week's lineup:

* Maureen McKinney has our Illinois Issues report for this week, examining the Reproductive Health Act.

* Maureen talks with a woman who tells her story of obtaining an abortion in Mexico in 1970 because the procedure was illegal in this state.

* Jack Williams of Harvest Public Media heads out in the fields to see why farmers have had such difficulty getting crops in the ground during an extremely wet spring.

* Dusty Rhodes talks with Jessica Handy of the advocacy group Stand For Children about teacher pension costs and the Tier 2 system.

* Mary Hansen has a conversation with Deputy Governor Sol Flores regarding money in the state budget to help with the upcoming census count.

* Lee Gaines of Illinois Newsroom follows up on her recent story about books being removed from the Danville Correctional Center library.  She talks with an author of one of the books. 

* Chase Cavanaugh of WNIJ goes to Thomson, to find out why a federal prison, and the jobs that go with it, are not enough to lure people to live in the community.

* Dan Mihaloupolis of WBEZ reports on how gambling addicts are raising cocnerns about a plan that will bring more casinos and sports betting to Illinois.

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