State Rolls Out Loan Program For Federal Workers Affected By Shutdown

Jan 24, 2019
Originally published on January 24, 2019 7:32 am

The state of Illinois is trying to give federal workers some financial relief as the partial government shutdown continues into its fifth week.



Several lenders doing business with the state have agreed to waive fees, defer payments or offer zero percent interest loans for the more than 8,000 federal employees living in Illinois.


Treasurer Michael Frerichs said affected families shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay their bills. “We cannot stand on the sidelines and not help those who simply want to help themselves. Missing a paycheck or two or maybe more, with no end in sight, has real consequences," he said.


The state established a $100 million program to help banks and credit unions fund these low interest loans.


Officials say Illinois is considering other types of relief, like extending unemployment benefits to federal workers, and what to do about food-stamp benefits, should the shutdown continue.


More on what aid is being offered to federal workers during the shutdown can be found here.

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