State Police Seeking Trooper Applications By End of May

May 10, 2019

Master Sergeant Hector Alejandre (left) and Trooper Aldo Schumann are recruitment coordinators at the Illinois State Police
Credit Chase Cavanaugh

Illinois State Police are pushing to add more troopers to their ranks.  Master Sergeant Hector Alejandre says they’re trying to assemble a large class at the Trooper Academy.

“We’re always going to be looking for folks. Our current numbers now are at 1,718 sworn. That is a significant loss," he said.

Even with new recruits applying for the position, not all make it through the vetting process. That’s why Trooper Aldo Schumann says ISP wants to sign up as many candidates as possible.

“For the next class, we want to make it, let’s say a 'mega class.' We’d like to at least see a hundred cross the stage and become Illinois State Troopers,” he said.

The next group ISP wants to assemble would start in October. Schumann says those interested in that class need to submit their applications by the end of this month.