State Police To Crack Down On Chicago Expressway Shootings

Feb 16, 2016

Illinois State Police say they're going to start cracking down on violence on Chicago-area expressways.

Credit "Kennedy Expressway, Chicago 1993" by Flickr User Phillip Capper / (CC BY 2.0)

State police said yesterday that they'll start using aircraft, video cameras, undercover officers and covert vehicles as part of the Chicago Expressway Anti-Violence Surge.

The goal is to stop expressway shootings. Police say there also will be more uniformed troopers on the expressways.

State police officials say that over the last few years gang-related gun violence has escalated and shifted to Chicago expressways.

They say the shootings put the public in danger and force roadways to be closed for hours at a time so crime scenes can be processed.

State police say they'll work closely with Chicago police and the Cook County sheriff's office to fight gang violence.