State Officials Offer Safety Tips For Holiday Travelers

Nov 28, 2019

Credit Pixabay

Triple-A is expecting the second-highest Thanksgiving travel volume with more than 55 million travelers this year. That’s why the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Illinois State Police want people to stay safe across the state.

This year, state police issued more than 6-thousand DUI citations and 10-thousand distracted driving citations.

State police are also on heightened alert after the loss of four troopers this year. Three of the deaths involved impaired driving and disobeying the state’s ‘Move Over’ laws.

Along with a full tank of gas, officials say it doesn’t hurt to pack your trunk with a first aid kit, booster cables, and a blanket. Cell phones and charger can help in a pinch, but state officials also remind drivers to think of older technology like a compass and road map.