State Fair Still Owes For The Butter Cow, And Much More

Oct 1, 2015

Credit Katherine Johnson / Flicker

The Illinois State Fair ended in August.  But many who worked there are still owed money. 

 The annual Springfield summertime event  is a celebration of agriculture and more.  But this year, the state warned vendors they might have to wait to get paid.  Turns out, that wasn't an idle threat.  Tim Landis is a reporter for the State Journal-Register newspaper, which tallied up the outstanding bills.  Among them, paying the sculptor of the fair's most well known symbol: 

"[The] State of Illinois still owes $2500 for the butter cow, along with things like garbage, manure removal, golf cart rental.  There are hundreds of these small bills. But it came up to about $1.5 million."

 The state's lack of spending authority without a budget is blamed for the delay.  There's no indication when payments will be made.  Landis says some vendors told him they always have to wait, but this year appears to be worse than most.