State Comptroller Calls Lawmakers Suing Over Back Pay Cowardly

Dec 2, 2016

Outgoing Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger says lawmakers suing her to get back pay are ``cowards.''

Credit Jenna Dooley

The Republican was named in a Cook County lawsuit by six legislators Friday on her last day in office. The Democratic lawmakers haven't been paid since May and say Munger is violating the state Constitution by interfering in a separate branch of government.

Munger announced in April she would put lawmakers' paychecks in line with all other overdue bills until they reach a budget deal with Gov. Bruce Rauner.

She told reporters Friday in Chicago that Rep. Chris Welch of Hillside and five other state representatives were too cowardly to take legal action before she left office.

Democrat Susanna Mendoza takes over Monday and has pledged to continue withholding paychecks.