Squirrels Can Drive You Nuts

Jun 7, 2018

Squirrels are fun to watch as they frolic in the back yard.

But they can also be a nuisance. They eat tulip bulbs and dig up newly planted annuals, leaving the small roots dying in the sun.

And while we imagine that squirrels live happily in the backyard, well aware that they don’t belong inside, I think they see the house as an extension of their territory. The yard may be loaded with nuts, plants and yes, tulip bulbs, but the house is bound to be full of really exciting goodies. Which, to be fair, is actually true.

This could explain the adventures we’ve had with squirrels over the years. First, there was the attic intruder. Ah, what a cozy feeling it is to lie in bed and listen to the sound of scrabbling paws overhead.

Then there was the screened-porch invader who took advantage of a door left ajar, only to find itself trapped all day. Hours later when I stepped into the porch, I had the weird feeling that I wasn’t alone. And then I spotted it a foot away, eyes fixed on me, tail twitching, probably weary from hours of chewing up the edge of the baseboard.

And then there was the time a squirrel came down the chimney and into the house through the fireplace. How do I know this? I just followed the trail of black paw prints through the living room, up the stairs, and across our white bedspread.

And honestly, it’s best not to mention the bird feeder, a topic for another day.

I’m Deborah Booth, and that’s my perspective.