A Simpler Time Before 'Quarancuts' | Under Rocks Podcast

May 14, 2020

On the second episode of the Under Rocks podcast, host Dan Libman, tech wiz Spencer Tritt and WNIJ correspondent Jason Cregier visited the Shabbona Barber and Hot Shave Parlor in Shabbona, Illinois, where Jason would receive the closest shave of his life.

Jason Cregier's "close shave"
Credit Spencer Tritt / WNIJ

This was back in late February, before the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic swept across Illinois. Now the thought of getting a haircut, let alone a close shave, seems almost foreign.

The Shabbona Barber and Hot Shave Parlor is currently closed until May 30 under Governor J.B. Pritzker's stay-at-home order. Owner and operator Anthony DeWitz plans on reopening once the stay-at-home guidelines lift.

Jason in the capable care of Anthony DeWitz, during pre-pandemic times
Credit Spencer Tritt / WNIJ

Highlights from the episode include Dan and Jason discussing what it was like pre-COVID-19 to socialize, the lack of proper hair maintenance during the quarantine period and possibility of administering a self “quarancut.”

At the Barbershop, the discussion included DeWitz' favorite type of haircuts, why he opened the shop, the proper shaving technique, Jason’s terrible facial hair and bringing local business back to a rural village.

We hope you enjoy episode 2 of Under Rocks!