Share Your Creativity During Life Under Lockdown

May 7, 2020

We are living through historic times: How are you documenting them?

Art? Poetry? Photos? Music? We’d love to see what you’ve been creating during our stay-at-home order.

Send us your original poems, essays, and photos! Take pictures of your painting, drawing, sculpture, or whatever visual medium you’re working in. Send us a link to your performance of an original song. We’ll share them on our website.

Email your submissions to

If you have a statement about your work you’d like to include, send it along. Give us your name and the city or town where you live.

We’d like our virtual talent show to represent how our community is dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. It’s not a contest or a place for critiques: It’s a place to show off your talent and see what everyone else has been up to these past few challenging months. Work from kids is welcome, too!

A few simple rules:

  1. The work must be your own. No cover songs, no memes ripped from Facebook, no plagiarizing!
  2. Shorter is good! If you have expressed your thoughts as a novel and a haiku, we are probably going to go with the haiku. But don’t let that limit you.
  3. No one is making money from this, so don’t expect anything but a nice bit of exposure.
  4. Include the names of the people involved in your work.
  5. These might be shared on our social media sites, so if that’s a problem for you, let us know.
  6. Don’t defame anyone.
  7. Keep it clean-ish. We’d rather not bleep or %#$@ your work.
  8. Don’t send us everything in your camera or notebook. Pick your very best. But go ahead and send a few items.

Your talents will be shared over the next few weeks through combined posts at We look forward to seeing your talents when you email us at!