Sessions from Studio A - Sickhorse

Sep 24, 2020

Songwriting duo Derek Luttrell and Mossy Vaughn return to Sessions from Studio A this week with their new band and debut album, Sickhorse. They've graced our studio previously with the band Name the Moon - and what originally started as writing for Name the Moon turned into something else entirely as the songs took on a different character. We'll talk with songwriter and guitarist Mossy Vaughn on his front porch in Rockford, and also get on the phone with Zach Staas, head of Corporate Panda Records in Nashville.

You can find the debut, self-titled album from Sickhorse on all major streaming services. Purchase a copy on Bandcamp or on Corporate Panda Records website. This is definitely a band to keep your eye on. Follow Sickhorse on Facebook and Instagram @sickhorsenashville.

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Derek Luttrell and Mossy Vaughn of Sickhorse