Sessions from Studio A - Glitter

Nov 12, 2020

Rockford duo Glitter makes a big statement with their debut album "The Men We Could Have Been". After years of playing in rock and punk bands, guitarist/vocalist Ben Johnson and drummer Jordan Acosta were sick of the over-the-top egos and macho attitudes, so they wanted to go in a completely different direction.

Ben Johnson of Glitter

They traded in their denim jackets and leather boots for tube skirts and high heels, and started using synths and electronic instruments to craft a new sound. Part-punk, part-disco, part-techno, whatever you want to call it, Glitter is something completely unique in the Rockford music scene. Listen to their debut album in its entirety in this episode of Sessions from Studio A.

Jordan Acosta of Glitter


Be sure to pick up a copy on CD and vinyl from, where you can also find custom clothing and screen printing from Ben Johnson. Also find their music streaming on all major platforms.