Sessions from Studio A - Bottom Bracket

Sep 10, 2020

Bottom Bracket is a emo rock trio from Springfield, IL who just recently released a new album titled "I Don't Care Enough to Stay". Emo rock is a style that grew from the punk and post-punk scenes of the late 80's and early 90's, but features more complex melodies, experimental song structure, and an emphasis on emotional vocals. Bottom Bracket brings their own unique sound to the genre, with influences from math rock that is evident in guitarist Mario Cannamela's intricate playing and tapping. Listen to Bottom Bracket's live performance in Studio A right here!

Keep up with the band by following their Facebook page and purchase a copy of "I Don't Care Enough to Stay" available for download on Bandcamp. You can also pick that up on vinyl from the band's record label Rat King Records.  

Bottom Bracket performing "Touching Face" and "Spin Cycle" live in WNIJ's Studio A

Bottom Bracket performing "A Confrontation" and "No Pressure" live in WNIJ's Studio A